We at Star Tree Services are professional Arboriculturalists, which means that we specialise in the establishment, management and maintenance of trees. Please feel free to browse through our website for further information on the services we provide or alternatively, contact the office directly.

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Star Tree Services believes in a holistic approach to tree care and believes it is time to start seeing trees for what they are; an essential component of everyday life.

Experienced Arboricultural Consultants provide services to residential, corporate & government clients in management, preservation & renewal of urban tree population.

Elm Leaf Beetle poses a significant threat to Victoria's Elm populations. Without treatment, continued infestations cause a decrease in tree health & lifespan.

Tree Radar: Non-invasive Decay & Root Detection

Tree Transplanting

Recycled Products

Star Tree Services is proud to announce the introduction to Australia of the only non invasive method of internal decay detection for trees; Tree Radar Unit (T.R.U.)™.

There are occasions when large and even mature trees require transplanting. Learn about best practice of tree & shrub relocation.

Go Recycled! Excess tree remains collected from our works are offered as high quality products such as mulch and firewood to the public.

Established in 1986, this Quality Assured Company aims to ensure the future prosperity of the urban tree scape through the use of sound arboricultural management practices.

Star Tree Services specialises in many facets of Arboriculture including tree pruning, tree planting and tree removal across metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria.

Tree lopping and haphazard pruning practices are in no way condoned by Star Tree Services and all our works are completed in accordance with the Australian Standard (A.S. 4373; 1996 Pruning of Amenity Trees). Star Tree Services is fully covered under public liability ($10,000,000) and professional indemnity ($5,000,000) insurance.

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